• We Know Interactive Design •

I suggest adding 2-3 videos here featuring different types of interactive capabilities. As the videos are released, they would also be posted to our blog!

VIDEO ONE: Keynote design. The video would be one of us speaking about all of the amazing capabilities of Keynote, and then we could show some of the super awesome animations and designs. It would be short and sweet and relatable.

VIDEO TWO: Interactive PDFs. We would focus on the use of interactive PDFs with iPads. They make great sales tools, etc. We would NOT mention hosting these online, just as they're intended to be used... which is via acrobat and iPads.

VIDEO THREE: Flipbooks. This would be where we could talk about a great way to show things online (as opposed to flipbooks, which we would push as an offline tool). Again, the video would be one of us talking, and then showing how to navigate a flipbook. And of course, whatever sample we design for this would end up being a subtle "sell" of our design capabilities

VIDEO 4: Apps. (eventually) Once we wrap our heads around how to create an app from start to finish, we could post a video about how awesome we are at creating them.