On May 17, 2016, Umbrellas on the Beach had it’s annual spring holiday luncheon, otherwise known as Merry May! It’s a tradition for us to celebrate the winter holidays together in the spring because December and the first quarter are always pretty busy. 

It was wonderful to spend time together outside the office. We missed Julie, our Account Director, because she started just a few days later (next year Julie!) and Haley because she lives in Ohio.

The white elephant gift exchange is a highlight and here’s what everyone received this year:

  • Scott: As-seen-on-TV magnifying safety glasses (perfect for an old man)
  • Michele: Magnet photo of John and Michele in the winning entries from our Panama trip’s cheapest/worst trinket contest and a mouse pad featuring Nick in his submission for our ugliest holiday sweater contest
  • Phil: Metal monkey soap holder
  • Marianna: "Vote For Pizza" t-shirt
  • Lee: 10 lb case of beer flavored jelly bellies
  • Nick: Donut shaped pool float
  • Tony: “Guide to Being Awesome” book
  • Pam: Vintage star trek action figure  (Jean Luc dressed as a Romulan?)
  • John: Akron t-shirt (from a recent business trip there)
  • Trisha: CraZSand
  • Jazz: Bacon themed items including bacon lip balm, bacon toothpaste and bacon gumby guy

Wow! Happy holidays Umbrellas team!