Introducing Jasmine Scott…Why I am the Princess of Phrase

By: Jasmine Scott

I talk a lot. No, like, really. And loudly, I’ve often been told. And I talk over people. I do try to work on that. To the multiple people objecting to the previous sentence, I know I just talked over you yesterday but trust me, I’m working on it! I always have something to say. But I’m not just talking. I’m bonding with my listener. I’m storytelling! Storytelling isn’t just what the oldest living person in your family does because he’s ancient. Through the connection of storytelling you’re receiving true social currency. If you’ve got content to share, then you’ve got something valuable. Social media is confirmation of that. It’s just a collection of stories online. Ok, it’s a very powerful and influential one, but a collection of stories nonetheless.

Don’t believe me? OK, I have a challenge for you: 1. Think of your favorite TV show or the next big movie you want to see. 2. Watch it.  3. Never, for as long as you live, discuss that show or movie with anyone. I don’t care if it’s trending on Twitter! You walk away. Now! Can you do it? Probably not, because commentary among your circle is a valuable commodity. Especially if it’s a topic you’re enthusiastic about.

In a world with eons of things to wear you down, we need entertainment and humor in the form of stories. Nowadays, there are so many ways to enjoy them. So go ahead and indulge. They’re calorie free!

World peace and harmony would be remarkable but until that happens, I’m using my creative powers to make the world better, or at least funnier. If I can deliver great content then I feel I’ve met my purpose for this excursion we call life. And if it’s not my purpose and I’ve been bamboozled, it’s ok because I’ll ride this ride until the wheels fall off.