Customer Commentary


"Two years ago, we began the search for an advertising agency that could work on a call-to-action campaign for a serious global health issue. We needed an agency that could communicate the urgency and seriousness of the issue in an engaging and impactful way. We needed an agency with global expertise and deep healthcare experience. We needed an agency to be a true partner. That is where Umbrellas on the Beach came in."

"Umbrellas on the Beach is a full-service agency and one of the best that I have had the pleasure of working with. The Umbrellas team met with us to discuss the issue, fully understand our project objectives, and help formulate and execute strategic and tactical plans. Together we created a powerful and extremely successful campaign that continues to drive awareness and action and has resulted in several medical publications, as well as the development of clinical screening and management tools."

"Umbrellas on the Beach’s dedication and innovation is literally helping to change the face of healthcare, worldwide. 
I highly recommend UOTB as your strategic partner for key initiatives and creative campaigns."

 -Kathryn Hennessy, Sr. Director, Medical Marketing, Adult/Pediatric Nutrition