A New Look for Umbrellas on the Beach

As a full-service creative agency, we're always focused on managing our clients' needs. In the thick of the workweek, it's easy to forget that sometimes the best way to show just how well you can do something is to do it for yourself. Which is why we dedicated the early months of this year to updating and redesigning our website, www.umbrellasonthebeach.com.

Given the fluidity of web design and the increasing needs to have an Internet presence that is optimized to any device a client (or their customers) might use, this was an important decision for our team—and we couldn't be happier with the result. Take a few minutes to look around and see for yourself. We think you'll like what you see. 

Being an ad agency has always meant being a partner to clients, but these days that means a lot more than it used to. We've refreshed our Samples section so you can see just what a partnership with Umbrellas on the Beach can look like. From event production to branding to videos and presentations to full 360-degree campaigns, Umbrellas on the Beach has you covered no matter what your creative solution needs.

We also want our website to serve as a living document to everything that's going on with us, so check back often for updates on our interactive marketing and media capabilities, messages from our team members, and an ever-expanding blog where we'll be sharing the ideas and innovations that inspire us. We hope they inspire you too.

See you soon!