A Whole New Liver…A Whole New Appreciation for What We Do

Did you know that a liver regrows in four months? If you donate more than half your liver it will most likely grow back in that time. Just four months and you have saved someone else’s life. It’s an amazing process: from the commitment of the people that make it possible to the art and science during surgery and recovery.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in healthcare for over 15 years. I’ve cried in patients’ living rooms listening to stories about how a medicine or medical device or medical test or procedure changed their lives. I’ve made life-long friends and had experiences like being in a brain surgery in China. Tales I’ve told so often that even my kids remember! But it’s when you or someone you love is the patient that the true impact of what healthcare can do hits you.

Recently, my best friend and partner was a liver donor for a family member. The whole process—from telling our children about his decision, to holding his hand before he went into a seven-hour surgery, to dealing with complications—was scary, inspiring and eye-opening.

Throughout the process there were many brands and names I recognized. Drugs and devices and tests manufactured by companies I used to work for and where people I knew are still working everyday to help save lives. These are people who have committed themselves to making life better for people who face illness everyday. Even at the toughest times, having this knowledge was a source of comfort.

In my role here at Umbrellas, I have the opportunity to work with amazing people in healthcare, both my co-workers and my clients. They are people who are raising awareness of global issues, people who never give up on finding a cure or a better way, people who are helping make sure all of us have access to quality healthcare that is sustainable. I am proud that I have the opportunity to help and support them and work as part of an industry that changes lives.


-Trisha Daab
VP, Corpus Callosum* & Stuff
*where ideas meet execution
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